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Infographics / explainers

I’ve created lots of infographic / explainer animations over the years and am happy taking a brief from concept to delivery. If you need to communicate a message effectively then this type of animation is perfect and can be anything from something 2D and simple to a full blown 3D masterpiece! I’m happy to provide a range of options that fit your budget.

OOH design and roll out

Digital out of home campaigns are big business…. literally. The challenge is the sheer number of outputs whilst adhering to multiple site requirements and restrictions on top of maintaining your creative. I’ve worked for Playstation, Schweppes, Garnier and Coca-Cola and have efficient time saving methods for dealing with and rolling out large international campaigns.

Screen visuals

Live screen visuals are a real passion of mine and I’ve created work for Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor, Greatest Dancer and Queen of the Universe, Glastonbury and corporate events. If you have a live project or TV series which requires an engaging backdrop then get in touch.

Sound Design.

Sound design is essential to bringing an animation to life. I have worked on everything from short stings to long form character based animations, VO recordings and full blown sound creation.

Social posts

Every brand is trying to grab their customers' attention on Social Media. I’ve helped create eye catching campaigns for the likes of Coca-Cola, Oral-B, Schweppes and many more. I have robust and efficient workflows for creating multiple outputs at the correct ratios.

Character animation

I love to rig up and play with character animation whenever the opportunity arises. I only work in 2D but have plenty of experience in bringing illustrations to life for both long and short form animations.

3D animation, lighting and rendering

I love the possibilities of 3D and am constantly experimenting with and creating work in C4D and Redshift. I have also started moving into Unreal as real-time rendering is definitely the future. If you have a 3D project you’d like to discuss or a product that needs some beautiful renders created then get in touch.

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