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I was approached by Plan Nine Pictures and Peardrop Productions to create an intro for A Million Days (AMD) that would express the idea of the film without giving too much away. As a piece of exposition the brief was to entice the viewer whilst setting up the world in which the film happens.


The Director, Mitch Jenkins and Chris Hamilton were keen to create something which brought in elements of both the True Detective opening titles double exposure look and the inky feel of the Raised By Wolves intro. 


After much exploration with stock videos and NASA footage, we whittled down the list till we had a beautiful sequence of textural shots that lean into the themes of space, biology / technology and a dystopian future that are key to the film's plot.

08_Scene 3 (00000) small.jpg


Additional shots were also required for later in the film. For this, I borrowed elements from the intro whilst also creating custom glitch effects built using a combination of Fractal noise and Pixel Sorter effects.


There are a great many details in the textural overlays, but by keeping them subtle everything blends together in the final composit.

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