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Creating a BIG set of consistent renders to hero sunglasses aimed at Kite borders


LiP Sunglasses approached me to create a series of high-resolution product renders for their website. Their current photographs didn't fully showcase the glasses' potential and were difficult to amend. LiP required accurate materials, custom lighting, and a flexible Photoshop template that would allow them to easily alter colors and swap out frames and lenses without needing to return to 3D modeling.

Surge_2501_Quarter Left.jpg


After extensive planning and understanding LiP's requirements, I developed a consistent lighting setup in Cinema 4D for all their sunglasses. We chose a simple studio lighting setup over environment reflections and used the take system to produce multiple high-resolution renders.


LiP provided factory 3D models, and I collaborated with Loic Girard to create additional elements, including the unique leash system.

The final Photoshop template allows LiP to easily swap out various parts of the glasses and recolor individual components, providing flexibility for future renders without returning to 3D modeling.


Check it out for yourselves!

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